Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having a mural in our yard?
  • You’ve always wanted something on that empty wall but didn’t know the ‘what-how-who’ to make it happen.
  • NO weeds. NO water, NO stinky manure. NO sprays.
  • Murals defy seasonality and all weather conditions.
  • ‘At home’ seniors now have a reason to go out and enjoy the backyard.
  • A stress reliever when busy people get home.
  • Friends say ‘that looks great – who did that for you?’
  • Gardening is constant work. Murals = NO work.
  • Your family’s well-meaning dog, cannot destroy any part of a mural.
  • Flowers you’ll never have to throw out.
  • NO cost for a gardener when you go on vacation.
  • A mural may motivate you to make your yard more livable.
  • Murals don’t impact allergies.
Do you guarantee your work?

There is no formal guarantee. The quality and condition of walls varies considerably and can be impacted by weather and other conditions beyond my control. Like most projects, the initial prep is important. For me that includes ensuring the wall is clean and any holes are filled before applying 2 coats of concrete/ stucco paint as a good base to help preserve the wall. The creative component of murals means I apply several levels of paint, for example, dark and bright green leaves overlapping to give perspective; flowers with 4-5 petals overlapping. I use high quality paints formulated to resist fading. A semi-gloss paint can be used to highlight features like the sea or certain flowers.

I don’t apply polyurethane or any other product over the final product, believing that the sun can cause the coloring to decline over time, like varnish does over painted wood when it’s exposed to the elements.

How long will the mural last?

I currently have 4 year old murals on west facing, high sunshine walls. Up to 4 layers of quality paint formulated to resist fading on top of 2 base coats helps retain the quality and integrity of my work.

What are your payment terms?

After meeting at your home to determine the content and style of your mural, I will provide a written proposal stating what I will do and the cost, for you to consider. Your acceptance requires a 50% deposit with the balance payable by invoice on completion.

Can we change the mural in 6 months or a year later?

Certainly. As an artist I make regular changes to murals at home for seasonal variation – and because change is positive and creative painting is fun for me. It’s as simple as painting over the mural with the base color and starting again. I will give you a proposal to consider based on your new ideas.

Will you paint more than one mural at a home?

Yes. For some people it’s contagious. The whole yard has had empty walls for so long and one bright, uplifting mural can make the rest look even more drab. 32% of homes I’ve painted at have 2 murals and 26% have 3-4 murals.

It’s important to me that the murals complement the landscape of your yard. Having plants or trees with flowers that never die can complement the seasonal changes in the real flowers that you enjoy.