Services & Products

For some clients the perennial color and reduced gardening workload have had a snowball effect and increased time at home has impacted this. In the greater Albuquerque and Rio Rancho cities recently, 33% of my clients have 1-3 murals and 66% between 3 and 6 murals.

No two murals are the same. The age, condition, size, location of each wall and your views of them are unique to your home. There are different ideas, concepts and reasons why a certain style of mural will impact the aesthetics of your living or working space, add value to life at home and give you an emotional lift every day of any season. I enjoy engaging to listen to your ideas, discussing examples of my work that may be incorporated in your mural and offering creative input as required.

My artistry so far has included:


  • transforming a 60’ cinderblock wall to a rustic wooden fence
  • well placed Hummingbirds & Monarch butterflies
  • ‘trompe l’oeil’ murals (French for ‘deceit of the eye’)
  • Increasingly popular Hollyhocks
  • trumpet vines that blend into the existing landscape
  • 40 foot beaches beside swimming pools or as great memories.
  • personal memorials to family lost to cancer & heart disease
  • flower boxes with an assortment of colors