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I’ll come to you, learn what you’re thinking and help you figure out how we can make it happen.

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Clients trust me because I get to know them, their pets, and their vision. You’ll only work with me.

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Your murals will look great, last a long time, and are always affordable.           

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My purpose is to BRING JOY to you regardless of the time of day or season. Your back yard, a place to relax, enjoy and entertain will increase in value when the empty walls are transformed with vibrant color and character.

My client Reviews will tell you that I listen, connect with you, offer creative input built around your ideas, deliver beyond your expectations and that I am trustworthy at your home throughout the process.

Call or Text 505-720-9019

Call Don for a FREE Estimate

Is your quality of life at home now a higher priority?
A vibrant colorful mural will add value to your life and landscape.

Call Don for a FREE Estimate

Is your quality of life at home now a higher priority?
A vibrant colorful mural will add value to your life and landscape.


A great memory of a different or distant place?


Murals that complement your landscape.


Creative ideas around existing features.

Before & After ‘Things on the wall’

As the co-owner and artist for our registered private company, I’ve enjoyed custom designing and hand painting over 150 murals to home owners specific wishes on cinderblock and stucco walls. Well before my brush gets wet, I’ll listen to your ideas, offer creative input and write a proposal for you to consider.


Call me and I’ll come over to talk about the landscape images you would love to see at your home and answer any questions you have.

If you have a dog that will be in the area I’m working, it’s important in the interests of peace and harmony that we get on ‘ear scratching’ terms 😀 before I start. Thanks.

When I visit your home to assess the quality and condition of the wall, I like to sit in your living room and patio chairs and look out your kitchen window to see the wall as you do. I listen to find what will make this mural special for you. I then provide you with a written proposal based on the content we discussed and the cost for you to consider.

Painting murals in over 70 homes has worked well because people know they can trust me in their home, as comments in my reviews confirm.

My Kiwi (New Zealand) sense of humor defines TRUST as: Your dog sleeping peacefully in his yard while I’m painting your mural!

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People with ‘Things on their Wall’ Say

“We had Don paint a Wisteria on our backyard wall. Now every time I look out at it, I’m transported back to my childhood home and the fond memories of the Wisteria tree that grew outside our back door. I can almost smell that tree!”


“Looking out at our forever blooming Sunflowers – even when it snows just makes me feel happy.”


“WOW! My wife loves purple flowers and try as I might, I cannot grow them. We decided on the shrub and Don went to work, revealing the flowery motif only at the finish. My wife was happily surprised after work by a beautiful painting featuring a riot of purple blossoms splashed across our otherwise gray cinder block walls. WOW!”