When we relocated to Albuquerque from beautiful green New Zealand, like some NM residents from other states, we didn’t anticipate the challenges of high altitude gardening, a relatively short season for flowers in bloom or the cost involved in constantly amending the soil.

I registered Things On The Wall as a private company in 2014 with my wife Sharon as a co-Director and transferred my acrylic canvas experience onto cinder block and stucco walls.

My purpose is to BRING JOY to you regardless of the time of day or season. Your back yard, a place to relax, enjoy and entertain will increase in value when the empty walls are transformed with vibrant color and character. My clients confirm the ROI on murals includes:


✓ NO water, weeds or work. Ever!
✓ Increasing your most precious commodity – your personal time.
✓ Your family pet can’t destroy anything :^).
✓ Spotlights capturing the color when seasons change.
✓ Murals painted in 2015 are still rich in color and character in 2020.


British born American author, motivational speaker and unshakable optimist Simon Sinek, said – “people don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. When people know what they can count on you to deliver, they’ll trust you, buy from you and tell their friends.”

My client Reviews will tell you that I listen, connect with you, offer creative input built around your ideas, deliver beyond your expectations and that I am trustworthy at your home throughout the process.

It’s important to me that my artistry complements and adds value to your landscape.

I visit with you to see your walls as you see them (from your kitchen, living room, patio), check size and condition of the walls and discuss your ideas before giving you a proposal, at no cost.